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Ep. 145: Rhonda needs to make a plan for retirement for herself and her employees

M$D: August 26, 2049 Meet Rhonda. Rhonda’s main concerns, in her words: My husband and I recently paid off our businesses. We have been investing all our money into them and not saving much for retirement. We now have quite a…

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Ep. 144: Mailbag

On this episode of the Million Dollar Plan, I answer your questions. Do you want to send me some questions? Go ahead, hit me up at Today I answer questions from Tim, Karen (spelled the way I think it should…

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Ep. 143: Jack tries to sell me some life insurance

M$D: May 13, 2064 Meet Jack. Jack’s main concerns, in his words: I make $1,900 a month net, I also make some commissions although I’m still new so not entirely sure how consistent that will be! So, I would like to…

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