Ep. 115: Malcolm is a doctor and is about to get paid

M$D: 4/14/2051 Meet Malcolm Age: 28 Malcolm’s main concerns, in his words: I’m a little over a year out of medical school, doing a three year residency training program. I have about $312,000 in student debt, and make about $50,000 a year until I graduate…

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Ep. 113: Steve is a public defender who doesn’t get frisked

M$D: 6/17/1945 Meet Steve Age: 28 Steve’s main concerns, in his words: Hello. I am a 28 year old guy who works as a Public Defender. I am in a long term relationship that will lead to an engagement very soon (ring is already purchased),…

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Ep. 112: Obsession

Topic: Obsession  What we cover: Grant Cardone joins us to talk about his new book Be Obsessed or Be Average Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Stitcher Want to be a guest on the The Million Dollar Plan podcast? Apply Here


Ep. 111: Omar wants to retire by 40

M$D: 12/27/2023 Meet Omar Age: 30 Omar’s main concerns, in his words: I think my wife and I could make for an interesting case study. We’re both 30 with aspirations of achieving very early financial independence/retirement by 40. Neither one of us are doctors/lawyers/engineers…

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Ep. 110: Self-Sabotage

Topic: Self-Sabotage  What we cover: Spencer Jakab author of Heads I win, Tails I Win The act of not saving before spending is self-sabotage Knowing that you have to fund your retirement and not doing it, is self-sabotage Voluntarily Buying something…

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Ep. 109: Gordon has paid down a ton of debt and is ready to party (buy a bigger house)

M$D: 8/23/2028 Meet Gordon Age: 37 Gordon’s main concerns, in his words: Hi, Pete. I kid you not, it feels like I have listened to every one of your episodes since I discovered you on Stacking Benjamins a couple weeks ago. I think I may…

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Ep. 108: Raises

Topic: Raises What we cover: How our income shifts overtime Why people don’t save their raises They feel underpaid They want stuff They want to reward themselves Raises versus bonuses Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Stitcher Want to be a…

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Ep. 107: Sophia

M$D: 10/13/2032 Meet Sophia Age: 27 Sophia’s main concerns, in her words: Hi there! My husband and I are 27 and we make good money, but we’re unsure what goal to focus on next. We want to save for financial independence, buy a house at…

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Ep. 106: Problem Solving

Topic: Problem Solving What we cover: Solve or Cause What I’m trying to teach my daughter Identifying the problems in your life Short term problems Mid-term problems Long-term problems Have the guts to admit you have problems Ignoring problems actually causes…

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