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Ep. 97: Fred went from a DINK to a dad of twins

M$D: 12/19/2039 Meet Fred Age: 28 Fred’s main concerns, in her words: My wife and I went from DINKs (Dual Income No Kids) to a single income with twins in February this year. We are both 28 years old with just under $80K net…

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Ep. 87: Phil is single and ready to mingle…if you’re financially responsible

M$D: 11/17/40
Meet Phil
Age: 31
After recently ending a long-term relationship, Phil is wondering how he’ll be able to afford the home they shared expenses on for years. Can Phil’s financial life adjust to the single life or will he have to make some big changes?

Ep. 86: Setting Goals

You set goals all the time, but they probably aren’t good ones. Sorry to burst your bubble, but setting smart financial goals is a honed skill. In this episode, I’ll help you understand how to set goals that challenge you but are still realistic and achievable.

Ep. 81: Alan is rebuilding after a divorce

M$D: December 4, 2059 Meet Alan Age: 33 Alan’s main concerns, in his own words: Hi, I am a fairly new but avid listener of the podcast. I am divorced, but truth is I am right in the middle of it. So as you can…

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Ep. 79: Barry is single and feels like he should be making hay, but afraid he isn’t

M$D: October 19, 2040 Meet Barry Age: 35 Barry’s main concerns, in his own words: I’m 35 years old, single, and living in Atlanta. I make just under $70,000/year, put 13% into a company sponsored 401K (7% match on first 6%). The 13% increases annually by 1%. Another $100…

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Ep. 79: Transportation

Topic: Transportation What we cover: How poor transportation decisions impact your Million Dollar Day What percentage of your income should be spent on transportation How to fix a transportation overspending problem Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Stitcher Want to be a…

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Ep. 76: Homework #2

Topic: Homework #2 What we cover: Count your transactions Identify your problem spending area Set a new savings goal for July 1st Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Stitcher Want to be a guest on the The Million Dollar Plan podcast? Apply…

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Ep. 70: You have homework

Topic: Homework What we cover: I give you some homework, because I never said becoming a millionaire is easy Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Stitcher Want to be a guest on the The Million Dollar Plan podcast? Apply Here.

Ep. 68: Minimalism

Topic: Minimalism Featuring: Blogger, author, speaker, and minimalist Joshua Becker. Josh and I have been friends for a few years, and I’m a HUGE fan of his work. Excited to have him back on the show. What we cover: How Josh…

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