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Ep. 164: Brian’s paid off over $60,000 in debt and is ready to get back on track.

Meet Brian. Brian’s main concerns, in his own words: My wife and I are in our early 30’s. We have been on the wrong track financially for years. We got ourselves into some serious financial trouble early on in our marriage….

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Ep.163: The Reality Gap

This week on the Pete the Planner® Show, I’m going to be talking about: The Reality Gap. Ah,  the reality gap–so, this is what I’m really into right now and I’m going to explain and walk you through this concept. But first…

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Ep. 137: Financing

In this episode I talk about financing. Surprisingly, I haven’t touched on this topic much yet. But today, I got fired up about it. Over and over again, I’ve come across people who have ruined their financial lives by financing…

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Ep. 115: Malcolm is a doctor and is about to get paid

M$D: 4/14/2051 Meet Malcolm Age: 28 Malcolm’s main concerns, in his words: I’m a little over a year out of medical school, doing a three year residency training program. I have about $312,000 in student debt, and make about $50,000 a year until I graduate…

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Ep. 87: Phil is single and ready to mingle…if you’re financially responsible

M$D: 11/17/40
Meet Phil
Age: 31
After recently ending a long-term relationship, Phil is wondering how he’ll be able to afford the home they shared expenses on for years. Can Phil’s financial life adjust to the single life or will he have to make some big changes?

Ep. 86: Setting Goals

You set goals all the time, but they probably aren’t good ones. Sorry to burst your bubble, but setting smart financial goals is a honed skill. In this episode, I’ll help you understand how to set goals that challenge you but are still realistic and achievable.

Ep. 83: Mikey needs to wakeup

M$D: N/A
Meet Mikey
Age: 35
Mikey’s married with 3 kids and he and his wife are buried in debt. They are in over their heads and they need help. Mikey and I have a heart-to-heart about motivation, and we create a plan to get him on the right path.

Ep. 81: Alan is rebuilding after a divorce

M$D: December 4, 2059 Meet Alan Age: 33 Alan’s main concerns, in his own words: Hi, I am a fairly new but avid listener of the podcast. I am divorced, but truth is I am right in the middle of it. So as you can…

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