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Ep. 173: Family & Money

In this episode, we’re talking about: Family & Money. Now as a husband, father, son, and friend–while I’m no relationship expert, I do have experience in a handful of different ones.  Today I’m going to cover the good, the bad,…

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Ep. 165 Life Insurance

*important editor’s note: in light of recent listeners’ feedback, it has been brought to my attention last week’s show had too many jokes, too many personal stories, and not enough information. This week, I switched it up a little bit….

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Ep. 164: Brian’s paid off over $60,000 in debt and is ready to get back on track.

Meet Brian. Brian’s main concerns, in his own words: My wife and I are in our early 30’s. We have been on the wrong track financially for years. We got ourselves into some serious financial trouble early on in our marriage….

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Ep. 161: John has nearly thought of everything…but he hasn’t

Meet John. John’s main concerns, in his own words:  My wife and I just welcomed our second (and last!) child. We have a comfortable lifestyle – both have stable jobs, we purchased a new home back in 2015, and save a…

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Ep. 155: Healthcare

If you’re like most people, you haven’t been able to avoid all the discussion surrounding healthcare in the past few weeks and months. To cut through all the static, I brought on Paul Ashley from First Person Benefit Advisors onto…

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Ep. 102: Insurance

Topic: Insurance What we cover: Our guest is Todd Curry, Curry Agency Protecting yourself…and your money Common insurance mistakes Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Stitcher Want to be a guest on the The Million Dollar Plan podcast? Apply Here.

Ep. 72: Life insurance

Topic: Life insurance What we cover: Income dies, when you die When someone dies, the ability for the remaining parties to achieve financial goals also dies Life insurance is about creating one less worry after the passing of a loved one Subscribe…

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