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Ep. 134 Bernard has a lot of good things going, but he’s going to have to play the waiting game.

M$D: June 16, 2033 Meet Bernard. Bernard’s main concerns, in his words: I’m not completely sure how to plan effectively for my retirement. My wife and I are both public school teachers. In our state, we will receive a pension when…

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Ep. 119: Monica is your financial role model

M$D: 8/5/2028 Meet Monica Age: 26 Monica’s main concerns, in her words: My income isn’t crazy high (active duty military), but I’m able to save  and invest 50-60% of my take-home pay depending on the month, while feeling that I live a pretty high quality…

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Ep. 105: Travis just got a big inheritance

  M$D: 10/29/2026 Meet Travis Age: 33 Travis’s main concerns, in his words: Here’s the lowdown. We’ve been married for 11 years and 2014 & 2015 brought lots of significant changes to our lives. To this point we’d made significant progress in our financial lives….

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Ep. 101: Hank will be a millionaire by 40 with a few small changes

M$D: 2/5/2025 Meet Hank Age: 34 Hank’s main concerns, in his words: My wife and I are in this place where we are finding it difficult to balance retirement, paying off student loans and other consumer debt, and planning for our kids short term needs…

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Ep. 98: Investment Logic

Topic: Investment Logic What we cover: Our guest is Michael Batnik, Moving the Goalposts Distractions Cost Investors 115% Seeking Alternatives Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Stitcher Want to be a guest on the The Million Dollar Plan podcast? Apply Here.

Ep. 88: Investing with your kids

Investing with your kids isn’t a topic that’s often covered, but I think it’s vital. My 7 year old daughter owns stock, and it’s taught her so much about how money functions in our society. Here are my top tips for teaching your kids about money through investing.

Ep. 82 Investing Behavior

  Topic: Investing Behavior Special Guest: Daniel Crosby of Nocturne Capital What we cover: Where psychology and investing meet A look into Daniel’s new book, The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and the secret to investing success How to fairly evaluate your…

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Ep. 74: Retirement Variables

Topic: Retirement Variables What we cover: The impact of inflation on your retirement funds The importance of distribution rates Tax rates and your retirement Why we don’t do what we should, even when we know better Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe…

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