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Ep. 173: Family & Money

In this episode, we’re talking about: Family & Money. Now as a husband, father, son, and friend–while I’m no relationship expert, I do have experience in a handful of different ones.  Today I’m going to cover the good, the bad,…

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Ep. 172: Lynette is in her mid 30’s and trying to do it all.

Meet Lynette. Lynette’s main concerns, in her own words: My husband (38) and I (34) paid off all our debt, except our mortgage. We have a toddler, and a dog. We’re about to move to another state and will be…

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Ep. 170: Jordan, a school teacher, reverses roles as I grade him on his financial life.

Meet Jordan. Jordan’s main concerns, in his own words: I am a school teacher with two children under 4 and a third on the way. I have a net worth of $110,000 but only an income of $50,000 because my…

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Ep. 165 Life Insurance

*important editor’s note: in light of recent listeners’ feedback, it has been brought to my attention last week’s show had too many jokes, too many personal stories, and not enough information. This week, I switched it up a little bit….

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Ep. 152: Kendall has a child with special needs and wants to plan for the future

M$D: April 29, 2047 Meet Kendall. Kendall’s main concerns, in her words:  We have a daughter with autism that we’re anticipating needing to care for the rest of our lives. Waiting for the state to set up ABLE account for…

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Ep. 147: Youth Sports

This week on PTPTV, I talk youth sports with Travis Dorsch. He’s got quite the title, are you ready? Dr. Travis Dorsch: Former Professional Football Player, Assistant Professor, Founding Director of the Families in Sport Lab in the Department of Family, Consumer, and Human…

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Ep. 146: Cindy, recently divorced, is looking for a financial fresh start

M$D: June 10, 2036 Meet Cindy. Cindy’s main concerns, in her words:  My husband and I are separated and the divorce will be final in a couple of months. He no longer lives in the house, so it’s just my…

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Ep. 97: Fred went from a DINK to a dad of twins

M$D: 12/19/2039 Meet Fred Age: 28 Fred’s main concerns, in her words: My wife and I went from DINKs (Dual Income No Kids) to a single income with twins in February this year. We are both 28 years old with just under $80K net…

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Ep. 92: Fatherhood

A special episode for all you fathers out there. On this episode I’m talking to my good friend and MC, Mr. Kinetik (you know him as the featured artist on all episodes). Mr. Kinetik and I discuss the role of fatherhood and how it shapes our finances.