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Ep. 97: Fred went from a DINK to a dad of twins

M$D: 12/19/2039 Meet Fred Age: 28 Fred’s main concerns, in her words: My wife and I went from DINKs (Dual Income No Kids) to a single income with twins in February this year. We are both 28 years old with just under $80K net…

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Ep. 92: Fatherhood

A special episode for all you fathers out there. On this episode I’m talking to my good friend and MC, Mr. Kinetik (you know him as the featured artist on all episodes). Mr. Kinetik and I discuss the role of fatherhood and how it shapes our finances.

Ep. 88: Investing with your kids

Investing with your kids isn’t a topic that’s often covered, but I think it’s vital. My 7 year old daughter owns stock, and it’s taught her so much about how money functions in our society. Here are my top tips for teaching your kids about money through investing.

Ep. 83: Mikey needs to wakeup

M$D: N/A
Meet Mikey
Age: 35
Mikey’s married with 3 kids and he and his wife are buried in debt. They are in over their heads and they need help. Mikey and I have a heart-to-heart about motivation, and we create a plan to get him on the right path.

Ep. 81: Alan is rebuilding after a divorce

M$D: December 4, 2059 Meet Alan Age: 33 Alan’s main concerns, in his own words: Hi, I am a fairly new but avid listener of the podcast. I am divorced, but truth is I am right in the middle of it. So as you can…

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Ep. 77: Danielle is self-employed and worried about creating permanent stability

M$D: September 13, 2033 Meet Danielle Age: 34 Danielle’s main concerns, in her own words: I love my job, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but I am concerned about several aspects of my future financial stability. (1)Student loan debt. I currently have $70,000 in student loan debt, and am…

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Ep. 75: Maude wants to stay home with the kids, but…

M$D: August 11, 2044 (with a big if) Meet Maude Age: 27 Maude’s main concerns, in her own words: My husband and I have a 6 month old son and just found out we are expecting again (HOORAY!!!). He is a civil engineer…

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Ep. 56: Betty’s retirement plan stability makes college possible for her daugher

Million Dollar Day: July 5th, 2029 Meet Betty Age: 41 Betty’s main concerns, in her own words: I’m wondering how badly I’m screwing up my chances of getting financial aid for my 14 year old daughter. I got a very late start to…

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Ep. 55: Howard faces the financial ramifications of adopting a child

Meet Howard Age: 34 Howard’s main concerns, in his own words: I make a little more than $60,000 a year. My wife does not work outside the home and we recently (2 years ago) adopted our daughter from Bulgaria. At the same time,…

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Ep. 54: Whitney is afraid her impending bonus and her spending habits will ruin her long-term goals

Meet Whitney Age: 30 Whitney’s main concerns, in her own words: My husband and I are both 30. I earn $104,000/year and he earns $130,000/year. We have two children, a six month old and a two year old. Our children are in daycare…

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