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Ep. 146: Cindy, recently divorced, is looking for a financial fresh start

M$D: June 10, 2036 Meet Cindy. Cindy’s main concerns, in her words:  My husband and I are separated and the divorce will be final in a couple of months. He no longer lives in the house, so it’s just my…

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Ep. 113: Steve is a public defender who doesn’t get frisked

M$D: 6/17/1945 Meet Steve Age: 28 Steve’s main concerns, in his words: Hello. I am a 28 year old guy who works as a Public Defender. I am in a long term relationship that will lead to an engagement very soon (ring is already purchased),…

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Ep. 90: Gender Differences

I’ve always been fascinated by gender differences, but the last few years I’ve really been awakened to the nuances in how genders handle money differently. So has my friend Kendrick Shope, whom I’d call a gender expert. Our discussion covers everything from how genders get paid, to how they spend and save money.

Ep. 87: Phil is single and ready to mingle…if you’re financially responsible

M$D: 11/17/40
Meet Phil
Age: 31
After recently ending a long-term relationship, Phil is wondering how he’ll be able to afford the home they shared expenses on for years. Can Phil’s financial life adjust to the single life or will he have to make some big changes?

Ep. 81: Alan is rebuilding after a divorce

M$D: December 4, 2059 Meet Alan Age: 33 Alan’s main concerns, in his own words: Hi, I am a fairly new but avid listener of the podcast. I am divorced, but truth is I am right in the middle of it. So as you can…

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Ep. 66: Relationships

Topic: Relationships What I cover: The influence of your upbringing on how you manage money in a relationship The pros and cons of separate accounts and joint accounts Establishing financial goals together Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Stitcher Want to be a…

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Ep. 60: Debt

Topic: Debt What I cover: Why you NEED to be a millionaire Why you are paying off debt wrong How to create a realistic plan for paying off debt Why debt is the biggest barrier for entry in the millionaire’s club Subscribe on iTunes…

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Ep. 59: Ryan was talked into a house he can’t afford and his wife is pregnant

M$D: N/A Meet Ryan Age: 24 Ryan’s main concerns, in his own words: My father in law offered myself and my wife (his step daughter) help getting into a home. His offer was that he would buy the home, then rent it to us for…

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Ep. 56: Betty’s retirement plan stability makes college possible for her daugher

Million Dollar Day: July 5th, 2029 Meet Betty Age: 41 Betty’s main concerns, in her own words: I’m wondering how badly I’m screwing up my chances of getting financial aid for my 14 year old daughter. I got a very late start to…

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