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Ep. 169: Setting Your Financial Rules.

This week, I’m talking about rules. You need rules to live by. For each component of your life you need to set some personal rules, or standards if you will, that apply to you and your everyday obligations. If you don’t–you are…

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Ep.163: The Reality Gap

This week on the Pete the Planner® Show, I’m going to be talking about: The Reality Gap. Ah,  the reality gap–so, this is what I’m really into right now and I’m going to explain and walk you through this concept. But first…

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Ep. 89: Alyssa is on the cusp of something awesome

M$D: 3/6/2041
Meet Alyssa
Age: 25
Alyssa might be one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. Her and her fiance´ have spent the last few years traveling around the US in a reclaimed school bus. Yeah, you read that correctly. Coolest person ever. Alyssa and her fiance´ are thinking about putting down roots, but don’t know if their financial life can justify it yet.