Ep. 109: Gordon has paid down a ton of debt and is ready to party (buy a bigger house)

M$D: 8/23/2028 Meet Gordon Age: 37 Gordon’s main concerns, in his words: Hi, Pete. I kid you not, it feels like I have listened to every one of your episodes since I discovered you on Stacking Benjamins a couple weeks ago. I think I may…

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Ep. 105: Travis just got a big inheritance

  M$D: 10/29/2026 Meet Travis Age: 33 Travis’s main concerns, in his words: Here’s the lowdown. We’ve been married for 11 years and 2014 & 2015 brought lots of significant changes to our lives. To this point we’d made significant progress in our financial lives….

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Ep. 103: Ron has a ton of financial anxiety – his wife doesn’t

M$D: 6/23/2030 Meet Ron Age: 27 Ron’s main concerns, in his words: My wife and I are both 27 years old. I am a math teacher while she is a physician assistant. Our adjusted gross income is about $145,000. Right now we each have about…

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Ep. 101: Hank will be a millionaire by 40 with a few small changes

M$D: 2/5/2025 Meet Hank Age: 34 Hank’s main concerns, in his words: My wife and I are in this place where we are finding it difficult to balance retirement, paying off student loans and other consumer debt, and planning for our kids short term needs…

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Ep. 99: Jackson is paying for his Masters degree as he goes

M$D: 11/9/2042 Meet Jackson Age: 26 Jackson’s main concerns, in his words: I’m a teacher at a local school, I own one rental, and I work with a contractor in the area on some side jobs in the summer. I have about 20k saved between…

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Ep. 98: Investment Logic

Topic: Investment Logic What we cover: Our guest is Michael Batnik, TheIrrelevantInvestor.com Moving the Goalposts Distractions Cost Investors 115% Seeking Alternatives Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Stitcher Want to be a guest on the The Million Dollar Plan podcast? Apply Here.

Ep. 95: Lucy is a travel nurse who is killing debt

M$D: 9/13/2038 Meet Lucy Age: 34 Lucy’s main concerns, in her words: Description: I’m a single, registered nurse. Currently, I have about $9,000 in credit card debt, $8,000 on my final student loan, I bought a house last summer ($112,000) and I lease a…

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Ep. 93: Whitley is the sole breadwinner, trying to support her husband’s dream

M$D: 6/3/2045 Meet Whitley Age: 31 Whitley’s main concerns, in her words: I recently (in May 2016) stumbled across your podcast while searching for podcasts on Minimalism. Your episode with Joshua Becker hooked me in. Since then I believe I have binged listened to…

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Ep. 90: Gender Differences

I’ve always been fascinated by gender differences, but the last few years I’ve really been awakened to the nuances in how genders handle money differently. So has my friend Kendrick Shope, whom I’d call a gender expert. Our discussion covers everything from how genders get paid, to how they spend and save money.

Ep. 88: Investing with your kids

Investing with your kids isn’t a topic that’s often covered, but I think it’s vital. My 7 year old daughter owns stock, and it’s taught her so much about how money functions in our society. Here are my top tips for teaching your kids about money through investing.

Ep. 87: Phil is single and ready to mingle…if you’re financially responsible

M$D: 11/17/40
Meet Phil
Age: 31
After recently ending a long-term relationship, Phil is wondering how he’ll be able to afford the home they shared expenses on for years. Can Phil’s financial life adjust to the single life or will he have to make some big changes?

Ep. 85 Henry is a veteran who delayed his financial life for you and me

M$D: 10/2/2049
Meet Henry
Age: 28
Henry served our country for years, and his now back to civilian life. Henry is dealing with student loans, a huge car payment, and a credit card bill. Henry wants to make smart choices in his new life, and I help him make a plan.

Ep. 82 Investing Behavior

  Topic: Investing Behavior Special Guest: Daniel Crosby of Nocturne Capital What we cover: Where psychology and investing meet A look into Daniel’s new book, The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and the secret to investing success How to fairly evaluate your…

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Ep. 79: Barry is single and feels like he should be making hay, but afraid he isn’t

M$D: October 19, 2040 Meet Barry Age: 35 Barry’s main concerns, in his own words: I’m 35 years old, single, and living in Atlanta. I make just under $70,000/year, put 13% into a company sponsored 401K (7% match on first 6%). The 13% increases annually by 1%. Another $100…

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Ep. 79: Transportation

Topic: Transportation What we cover: How poor transportation decisions impact your Million Dollar Day What percentage of your income should be spent on transportation How to fix a transportation overspending problem Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Stitcher Want to be a…

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Ep. 77: Danielle is self-employed and worried about creating permanent stability

M$D: September 13, 2033 Meet Danielle Age: 34 Danielle’s main concerns, in her own words: I love my job, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but I am concerned about several aspects of my future financial stability. (1)Student loan debt. I currently have $70,000 in student loan debt, and am…

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Ep. 74: Retirement Variables

Topic: Retirement Variables What we cover: The impact of inflation on your retirement funds The importance of distribution rates Tax rates and your retirement Why we don’t do what we should, even when we know better Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe…

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Ep. 73: Jerry is a millionaire and it doesn’t feel like he thought it would

  M$D: On the path to his second million Meet Jerry Age: 48 Jerry’s main concerns, in his own words: I have recently acquired a net worth of over $1 million after significant financial setbacks. This happened after realizing a $120k loss on…

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Ep. 69: Todd is about to go back to school, buy a house, and start a family

M$D: June 5, 2026 Meet Todd Age: 27 Todd’s main concerns, in his own words: My wife and I are currently in a good financial position (good jobs, decent retirement savings, decent earnings to spending ratio, minimal debt). However, over the next 12-24 months,…

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Ep. 66: Relationships

Topic: Relationships What I cover: The influence of your upbringing on how you manage money in a relationship The pros and cons of separate accounts and joint accounts Establishing financial goals together Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Stitcher Want to be a…

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Ep. 65: Giuseppe’s income is going to get huge in a year

M$D: It’s complicated Meet Giuseppe Age: 36 Giuseppe’s main concerns, in his own words: I’m 36 with a wife and a 6 year old. We owe a total of about $380,000, almost all of which is student loans. We currently make about $170,000/year. In…

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Ep. 63: Spencer wants to take a break to go get his MBA

M$D: February 5, 2037 Meet Spencer Age: 25 Spencer’s main concerns, in his own words: I’ll keep the details limited. $22k in student debt at 7.35% (private loan). $29k in savings. $10k in 401k. Current renter with roommates. I would potentially like to buy…

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Ep. 61: Kami wants to freelance…just in case a baby is on the way

M$D: September 5, 2053 Meet Kami Age: 29 Kami’s main concerns, in her own words: My No. 1 financial concern is determining if it’s feasible to move to working freelance rather than working at my corporate job. I’d love to work for myself…

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Ep. 59: Ryan was talked into a house he can’t afford and his wife is pregnant

M$D: N/A Meet Ryan Age: 24 Ryan’s main concerns, in his own words: My father in law offered myself and my wife (his step daughter) help getting into a home. His offer was that he would buy the home, then rent it to us for…

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