347: Do We Make Enough Money? Is There Hope?

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Pete and Damian are back to solving financial issues for a new week. Oh! But first, here’s a quick prelude: We are so excited for the soft launch of Hey Money tomorrow exclusively for our early launch list! Back to the show, the Dunns are ready.
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Show Notes:

  • Scenario 1: Our writer, a 61 year old with $1.2 million saved for retirement and nearly zero debt, with a mortgage payment at $1300 per month. He makes about $200k per year, and mentions only continuing to work for the benefit of the medical coverage. The problem? He’s not sure when to retire.
  • Pete & Damian say: – Don’t retire. You enjoy the freedom of your income and the medical insurance coverage; there are plenty of opportunities to ride the rest of the wave and still appreciate the surf.
  • Scenario 2: Next up, a married couple who says they’re, “currently okay in financial position.” He’s mid 50s, she’s early 60s, and they’re not in excellent health. They earn a combined $140,000 total/year, have $250,000 in retirement savings, own 2 houses, their cars are paid off, but carry $26,000 in credit card debt, a mortgage payment of  $3600 with a $560,000 balance, living in California. Their problem? They don’t see a way forward into retirement while keeping their dream home and meeting needs. Do they have enough money to do it?
  • Pete and Damian say: – This is hard. But our friends here need to face reality: they’re not ‘okay.’  They need to take action NOW. With declining health, creating a plan is critical. They should tighten spending in an effort to pay down that credit card debt and receive that pressure from the system on the front end.


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