A Pete the Planner Mini Series: Pete’s Eats Ep. 4

We’re back, with another episode of Pete’s Eats! But it’s not just any new episode of Pete’s Eats. This week,  we’re bringing you a 4th of July edition! Our crew is a sucker for themes around here at PTP HQ, and when we realized our next episode would be released on the 4th of July we simply couldn’t resist sharing some holiday-inspired fare.

On the menu this week, Pete’s cooking up a firecracker burger complete with a jalapeño relish and potato chip garnish. Burgers and the 4th of July just go together, don’t they? A tried and true 4th of July staple these spiced up burgers might not be quite as hot as real firecrackers but are the perfect summer fare to bring to your backyard celebration.

You’ll find the full video instructions with Pete below and also find a recipe card to have on hand for your next summer get-together. Cheers!

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