A Pete the Planner Show Mini Series: Pete’s Eats

Pete and I have been cooking up a mini-series for a while, but haven’t had the person we needed. Our summer videographer extraordinaire intern, Aaliyah, is exactly that person. Over the next few months, we will be releasing a new segment to our mini-series each week. Topics of mini-series will vary, but our financial focus will not. To kick-off this special project we proudly present: Pete’s Eats.

What *exactly* is Pete’s Eats? We were hoping you’d ask. Over the next four installments, intern Aaliyah and I have challenged Pete to try and feed a family of four a delicious (and somewhat nutritious) dinner for $10 or under. The first on the dinner menu? Grilled burritos with a salsa verde. Below you will find the full recipe, the ingredients, prices we paid for said ingredients, and instructional how-to with Pete.

We’ve still got three installments left to go, think there’s something Pete can make for under $10 for a family of four? Comment below or send us an email at askpete@petetheplanner.com. You never know, your suggestion may be our next episode.


2 thoughts on “A Pete the Planner Show Mini Series: Pete’s Eats

  1. I was a bit skeptical till I saw you fold up that burrito, you have some mad skills! You have inspired me to improve in this area, as well as pass this ability on to my progeny. Great video and funny as well.

  2. Sorry, while I can accept the burritos – not bad – this is soooo deficient in veggies. You would HAVE to throw in some raw veggies…maybe dipped in that salsa? for this to be considered anything to feed a healthy, growing (ie, hungry – my kids are ACTIVE) family. Good start but HAS to be stepped up nutritionally.

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