A recession success story

In August of 2008 my friend, Jason, lost his job. He was the manager of operations for a manufacturing company. This event wasn’t unlike anyone else who had lost their job around this time. The writing was on the wall. The economy was about to fail. But to Jason it was simple, he had no income to support his family. He was scared, embarrassed, but calm. He put together the most brilliant career recreation plan that I have ever seen. Here is the story.

Jason was unemployed in August 2008. And to anyone that has encountered him since, they would not detect an ounce of self-pity. Jason had been preparing himself to be unemployed for a while. He didn’t think he would be unemployed, but he did think that life could take an unexpected turn. That is why he choose to completely “makeover” his finances in the years prior to his layoff. Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for this turnaround. He followed the teachings of another personal finance guru (rhymes with Cave Lambsey). He got out of debt, and built a savings. All of this hard work paid off the day that he got his layoff notice.

Jason sensed that he should put together a long-term career plan at that time. Based on the success of his own financial turnaround, he considered going into the financial industry. He quickly (with my urging) decided that this was the worst possible time to be in the financial business. He came to the conclusion that he should go to nursing school. He enrolled in a 3 year program. Jason’s wife, a hair stylist, would cut hair to help support the family while he went to school full time.

Jason put his heart into his schooling. He graduated this summer, and quickly secured a nursing job in the neuro unit at a local hospital. He is a success. Everything about him is a success. His story isn’t about money. His story isn’t about debt. His story is about a man, a plan, and a bed pan…err execution. He worked his plan. He skipped the recession. You can do this to. Make a plan, and work it hard. That is all.

3 thoughts on “A recession success story

  1. For all the woe-is-me stories out there on CNNMoney everyday, it is really nice to hear about someone who plan ahead, made wise decisions, and is now reaping the rewards. I love hearing stories like this.

  2. Way to go, Jason!

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring story, PTP. People need to hear/read these types of success stories – please share more!

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