After two years, Pete relents and releases a very weird podcast

We’re finally prepared to give you exactly what you’ve been asking for. After thousands of emails, calls, tweets, and Facebook messages, we’re ready to relent. You see, we get upwards of 100 requests per week for Pete to weigh-in on a person’s financial life. It kills us that we can’t answer each request, although we do try. We haven’t worked with individual clients for a couple of years now, but now we will. And it’s free.

You can now talk-through your financial situation with Pete the Planner®…for free. Yes, you can have one of the brightest financial minds in the world personally help you with your financial life, and it will cost you absolutely nothing.

And yes, there’s a catch.

Your phone conversation is part of the Ask Pete the Planner® Podcast. The podcast was created to solve people’s financial problems, and to provide a forum for learning. It’s a high-energy, highly entertaining 35 minute show. You have never heard a financial show quite like this one.

The Ask Pete the Planner® Podcast is a forum dedicated to answering your most trying financial problems, one person at a time.

How it works: You fill-out our web form telling us the particulars of your financial life. Then you click the box accepting our terms of service. We’ll notify you if you’ve been selected, and then you join Pete on a phone call. The phone call will last around 30-40 minutes, and he will answer whatever questions you have and give you specific actions steps.

The conversation is recorded for the podcast. You are welcome to use a fake name, if you feel like maintaining your anonymity. But the numbers must always be real.

Pete the Planner® has helped hundreds of thousands of people with their financial lives via TV, radio, books, and blog posts, and he can help you.

For appearing on the show, you will receive your choice of any of Pete the Planner’s 10 books.

The Ask Pete the Planner Podcast drops on March 3rd. Want to be on the show? Apply here.

Important points to note

  • Although Pete can help you establish some financial plans, the podcast is not a formal financial plan and Pete is not a licensed financial planner.
  • No specific investment advice will be given on the podcast.
    Pete has nothing to sell you, other than maybe a book (although you get one for free).
  • Pete is not attempting to sell you any products or services.

Want more info? Check out the podcast page.

Listen to a preview of Episode 01: Scott

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