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Brent Lyle is the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Your Money Line, the financial help line serving all Pete the Planner® Financial Wellness clients. Brent is a marketing wünderkind who delights in telling the story of brands. On nights, weekends, and anywhere in between, you'll find him lending his skills to a number of charitable organizations.

Ep. 339: After Job Loss, What Happens to my 401(k)?

New this week, Pete and Damian spend the entire show on The 401(k). Our writer is suffering a crushing blow with this from the mailbag: “I lost my job after 27 years of employment there. What should I do with my 401(k).”…

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Ep. 338: Inheritance Is Coming. What Should I Do?

Familiar and funny as ever, Pete and Damian disagree. Our regular listeners will know what an occasion this is. “I’m going to receive a $130,000 inheritance. What should…”  WAIT! Before you tune out the rest of the question, there are…

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