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Brent Lyle is the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Your Money Line, the financial help line serving all Pete the Planner® Financial Wellness clients. Brent is a marketing wünderkind who delights in telling the story of brands. On nights, weekends, and anywhere in between, you'll find him lending his skills to a number of charitable organizations.

Ep. 368: 2020 Halftime Financial Market Report

Have a question? Get answers. Email us: The first 6 months of this year have been a doozy. Pete and Damian run the numbers. Listen for a special offer code! HEY MONEY is your new secret weapon for advice in your personal finances….

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Ep. 363: $40K Interest-Free Loan From My In-laws. Yes or No?

Have a question? Get answers. Email us: And we’re back for a new week. Today, Pete and Damian dig back into the mailbag to address what’s going on in our listeners’ lives. ::whisper::  Listen to get a special offer code for HEY MONEY! your…

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Ep. 355: Can We Call This An Economic Pandemic?

Have a question? Let us know! This week on the show… Pete and Damian ask questions, too!  ::whisper:: Remember, keep this link in your bookmarks! — HEY MONEY! Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes! Show Notes: We want to show you…

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Ep. 349: The Launch of Hey Money!

Have a question? Let us know! This week, we’ve got something really special for your listening ears!  Pete and Damian are back to formally introduce our new product for you, HEY MONEY! Oh, and they answer questions from the mailbag,…

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347: Do We Make Enough Money? Is There Hope?

Have a question? Let us know! Pete and Damian are back to solving financial issues for a new week. Oh! But first, here’s a quick prelude: We are so excited for the soft launch of Hey Money tomorrow exclusively for…

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Ep. 346: What Should We Do With Our Cashflow?

Get ready to dive in! In this episode, Pete and Damian spare no details exploring our writers’ financial lives. There is far too much to discuss; let’s get into it, post haste! Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes! Show Notes: Scenario: Writer,…

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Ep. 345: Brendan, This One’s For You

In an uncommon feat, This episode is dedicated to Brendan. Pete and Damian feel so much gratitude to our writer’s email that he earned the entire show dedicated to his three questions Click PLAY below to see if you could use any…

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Ep. 338: Inheritance Is Coming. What Should I Do?

Familiar and funny as ever, Pete and Damian disagree. Our regular listeners will know what an occasion this is. “I’m going to receive a $130,000 inheritance. What should…”  WAIT! Before you tune out the rest of the question, there are…

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