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Peter Dunn a.k.a. Pete the Planner® is an award-winning financial mind and a former comedian. He's a USA TODAY columnist, author of ten books, and is the host of the popular radio show and podcast, The Pete the Planner Show. Pete is considered one of the foremost experts on financial wellness in the world, but he's just as likely to talk your ear off about bass fishing.

Ep. 354: The CARES Act Stimulus Bill: An Overview

Have a question? Let us know! This week on the show, the team discusses the CARES Act. Pete and Damian bring in a special guest: “The Queen of the Desert” herself, Kristen!  ::whisper:: Hey, you should keep this link in…

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Ep. 353: The Most Interesting Week of 2020, So Far

Have a question? Let us know! This week on the show, everyone is trying to find a new normal. Pete and Damian are social distancing, not for the first time as they pull out common questions from the mailbag.  ::whisper::…

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Ep. 352: Financially Preparing Yourself for Tough Times

Have a question? Let us know! This week…oh boy. Pete and Damian talk about what’s important about money right now.  ::whisper:: You should keep this link in your bookmarks — HEY MONEY! Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes! Show Notes: What…

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Ep. 351: The Refinancing Boom!

Have a question? Let us know! This week, SPECIAL SHOW ALERT!  Coronavirus is back as our special guest (with all due respect to its seriousness) and Pete and Damian dedicate the entire show to the recent spate of questions about…

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Ep 350: Coronavirus! But More Importantly, Retirement.

Have a question? Let us know! This week, VIRUS ALERT! And yet, all things considered, we still understand that things in the market cycle. Pete and Damian return with a special offer for the new consumer service, HEY MONEY! Also,…

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Pete the Planner launches Hey Money®

For immediate release             Media Contact:  You Have Financial Questions. ‘Hey Money’ Has Answers. First-of-its-Kind, On-demand, Affordable Financial Guide Launches Today INDIANAPOLIS — (February 24, 2020) — Americans know they need to save more and spend less money…

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Ep. 348: All Things Considered, Should We Relocate?

Have a question? Let us know! Peter Dunn and Damian Dunn — no relation — take questions from our listeners and offer their financial expert-level responses on the air (with a bit of humor to make it go down…

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