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Peter Dunn a.k.a. Pete the Planner® is an award-winning financial mind and a former comedian. He's a USA TODAY columnist, author of ten books, and is the host of the popular radio show and podcast, The Pete the Planner Show. Pete is considered one of the foremost experts on financial wellness in the world, but he's just as likely to talk your ear off about bass fishing.

Ep. 344: Want to Retire? Ask The Right Questions

New to the show this week, Pete and Damian present: The Best Email of the Year!  Believe us, you don’t want to miss this one. They’ll explain it all when you click Play below. Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes! Show Notes:…

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Ep. 343: Bridging the Financial Questions Gap, Finally.

FIRST SHOW OF THE NEW DECADE! Starting 2020 off in the right way, Pete and Damian are…still here.  Seriously, to welcome us all into a new season, it’s only right that the team introduce you to something new. Click play to hear…

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Ep. 342: What Can I Do With My Money?

Coming up this week: Pete and Damian try even harder to try to figure out what they can disagree on!  For the final show of 2019, the dynamic duo try to empty out the mailbag and answer what they can…

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Ep 341: 2019 Holiday Variety Pack

It’s almost 2020, people! As we wrap up 2019, we’re digging deep into the mailbag to discuss more of our listeners’ questions.  Listen to this show to hear a variety of situations  and Pete and Damian’s expert insights. Perhaps you’ve been…

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Ep. 340: The Ultimate Retirement Question: $ or %?

This week’s show is, in a word: focused.  Pete and Damian really drill into the most general area there is: Retirement. The mailbag was opened and brought out a question from a listener that Pete could get excited over: “Here’s my financial…

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Ep. 339: After Job Loss, What Happens to my 401(k)?

New this week, Pete and Damian spend the entire show on The 401(k). Our writer is suffering a crushing blow with this from the mailbag: “I lost my job after 27 years of employment there. What should I do with my 401(k).”…

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Ep. 337: New Home Buyer’s Remorse!

Up next on the new show, Pete and Damian wince as their writer begins his question with a stunning headline: “I just bought a new home and I instantly regret it.” You have got to check this one out. Can’t listen?…

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