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Ep. 169: Setting Your Financial Rules.

This week, I’m talking about rules. You need rules to live by. For each component of your life you need to set some personal rules, or standards if you will, that apply to you and your everyday obligations. If you don’t–you are…

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Ep. 167: The Four Stages of Your Financial Life

This week, we’re talking about The Four Stages of Your Financial Life. In your financial life there are 15, yes count’em, 15 things that you need to do. 15 sounds daunting, doesn’t it? If you write them all down that’s…

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Ep. 166: Melissa has saved for retirement since the age of 25 and is getting ready to reap the benefits.

Meet Melissa. Melissa’s main concerns, in her own words: My base pay is $74,800 plus overtime on top of that. I have been saving for a house aggressively since January 2015 at about $700 a paycheck (last month I scaled…

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