Ep 331: Preparing for A Prenup & More!

The tag team is back again! This week, Pete and Damian tackle Considerations when Preparing for a Prenuptial Agreement, Going into Debt to buy Furniture, and ‘Retirement Confidence.’ Three very real topics, for very real people! Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes! Show Notes:…

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Ep. 330: Is A HELOC the Winning Option?

Ep 330: Is A HELOC the Winning Option?

Another week, another show! Press play and listen as Pete and Damian weigh the HELOC vs. the ‘Double Move.’ Yes, it’s HELOC, not to be confused with a mythical Master of the Universe. Can’t listen? Check the Notes. Show Notes: HELOC means Home…

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Ep. 329: Why HSAs are one of the best financial products on the planet

Pop in your earbuds or turn the sound on and listen while you work. In this latest edition, Pete and Damian tell you why they love Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Feel like you don’t know enough about what those are…

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