Ep. 303: Wait, a 20 year old in NYC can save money?

A 20-year old with money to save in NYC, a couple wondering how get their biggest bang for their buck from Social Security, and repairing your credit when you’re in you 70s. Special guest Damian Dunn joins the party.

Ep. 302 Should we cash-in the life insurance my parents got me when I was a baby?

This week on the show, my daughter Ollie stops-by to ask me random financial questions. Plus, should Joanna cancel the life insurance her parents bought her when she was a kid?

Ep. 301: Does presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg understand our financial lives?

Do you ever feel like our government leaders aren’t in touch with the financial lives most Americans live? I feel that way all the time. That’s precisely why I jumped at the opportunity to interview presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. Pete,…

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