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Ep. 281: Timing when to retire and paying off mortgages early

This week on The Pete the Planner® Show, we’re back answering more of your money questions! We kick the show off with an emailer who has been berated by his friends for saving for retirement. Tired of the snide remarks, our email…

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Ep. 273: Virginia

This week on The Pete the Planner® Show, we meet Virginia. Over the past couple of years, Virginia and her wife have been diligently saving in anticipation of growing their family. However, now that they’re pregnant, they’re overwhelmed with the constant change that comes with…

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Ep. 272: Peter and friends

This week on The Pete the Planner® Show, Damian Dunn joins us for a special edition episode we like to call, Peter and friends. To kick things off this week, we dive in with a question about  401k allocations, and I learn…

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