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Ep. 339: After Job Loss, What Happens to my 401(k)?

New this week, Pete and Damian spend the entire show on The 401(k). Our writer is suffering a crushing blow with this from the mailbag: “I lost my job after 27 years of employment there. What should I do with my 401(k).”…

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Ep. 338: Inheritance Is Coming. What Should I Do?

Familiar and funny as ever, Pete and Damian disagree. Our regular listeners will know what an occasion this is. “I’m going to receive a $130,000 inheritance. What should…”  WAIT! Before you tune out the rest of the question, there are…

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Ep. 337: New Home Buyer’s Remorse!

Up next on the new show, Pete and Damian wince as their writer begins his question with a stunning headline: “I just bought a new home and I instantly regret it.” You have got to check this one out. Can’t listen?…

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Ep. 336: Signs of a Chaotic Financial Life

This week, we’re talking about the chaos that can ensue in your financial life. Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes! Show Notes: Chaos—while fun to spell and fun to say is not so fun when it comes to your financial…

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Ep. 335: With $1M Saved, I Can Retire Now, Right?

Back into the mailbag! New on the show, Pete and Damian try to find balance in their skepticism toward a retirement-bound writer. With over $1M in investable assets and a continuing part-time job, why is he still concerned about outliving his…

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Ep 334 Am I Saving Too Much Money

Ep. 334: Am I Saving TOO MUCH Money? Help.

New week, new show! This time, Pete is joined by… Damian! They wax so poetic about retirement and advisors that they had to extend the segment! Is it possible to be saving TOO MUCH money for retirement? Find out when…

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Ep 333: This Is Motivation to Start Saving! (Maybe.)

This week, Pete and Damian talk examples of the classic phrase: “Have your cake and eat it too:” You can save $3.8M in your lifetime? Do Student Loan payments build credit? New spouse, new house & new baby: Am I ok? Three very real…

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Ep. 332 Power Percentage

Ep. 332: Power Percentage™

Introducing Power Percentage™. You have been trying to measure your financial life for years. You measure it by your credit score, your net worth, your income, your savings or retirement account balances… yet none of those reward you for good behavior…

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Ep 331: Preparing for A Prenup & More!

The tag team is back again! This week, Pete and Damian tackle Considerations when Preparing for a Prenuptial Agreement, Going into Debt to buy Furniture, and ‘Retirement Confidence.’ Three very real topics, for very real people! Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes! Show Notes:…

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Ep. 330: Is A HELOC the Winning Option?

Ep 330: Is A HELOC the Winning Option?

Another week, another show! Press play and listen as Pete and Damian weigh the HELOC vs. the ‘Double Move.’ Yes, it’s HELOC, not to be confused with a mythical Master of the Universe. Can’t listen? Check the Notes. Show Notes: HELOC means Home…

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