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Ep. 241 Road Series: Pete’s in Austin

On this episode of The Pete The Planner Show, we’re back again with a road series edition. This week, I’m recording from Austin, TX.  However it’s not just any edition, it’s a bit of a Petepourri edition. My travel schedule is in…

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Ep. 238: Greg

Imagine wanting to retire early to pursue a growing side business full-time. But before you retire, you would like to buy a bigger home in the next couple of years and possibly a new/newer to you car. With a consistent…

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Ep. 214: Answering emails with Paul Ashley

It is no secret, I get a lot of emails. And for whatever reason, recently, I have been getting some intense emails coming through my inbox.  We are talking intro, three full body paragraphs, and conclusion with a SparkNotes sheet,…

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