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RePete Ep. 7: Complicated financial tools back to basics

This week we bring you: the final episode of RePete. We tried a little something different this summer, but you asked and for once we’re listening. The next extension episode you hear will feature a guest asking their financial question(s) to…

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RePete Ep. 6: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your 401k

On this episode of RePete we’re joined by Rick Unser to talk about your 401k! (Ok, not your 401k specifically, but you know what I’m getting at.) Pete and I wanted someone to help us understand 401ks on a deeper level and what…

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RePete Ep.1: What is work/life balance?

We’ve got big things happening at PTP HQ,  we’ll be releasing a second episode of the Pete the Planner® Show each Thursday! You likely noticed the change from The Million Dollar Plan to The Pete the Planner® Show, and now we are finalizing all…

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