Man vs. Man

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Man vs Man

This is the second entry to our six part series on conflict. We are exploring the different types of money conflict that affect our lives.

Man, by his nature, is competitive. If you don’t believe me, then you could just ask the unfittest (if they were still alive). [Nothing like a little Darwin humor to set the tone for a money blog.]  Therefore, we tend to think that our financial downfalls are the results of someone else’s victory. That generally isn’t the case. For example: if you don’t make enough money at work, that doesn’t mean that your boss makes too much. People tend to compete against the wrong entity in the wrong scenario. There are very few scenarios that truly express the economic struggle of man vs man. For instance, most negotiations are man vs man. Whereas, most stock trades are actually man vs institution (Most people are mislead to believe that their poor stock picks are exploited by some other smarter individual. That’s not true. When you lose in the stock market, you lose to institutions.)

The fact of the matter is that there are very few man vs man money conflicts. Many times people misdiagnose man vs himself conflicts for man vs man conflicts. Your perception that you are in conflict for money with another individual is just mental garbage. These feelings are usually driven by an internal struggle. The most common man vs man financial conflicts exist when one party displays poor ethics. Such as a poor used car deal, or a Ponzi scheme.

The bottom line: man vs man money conflicts are rare. It generally is confused with man vs himself conflicts. The most common barely clothed man vs man conflict is sumo wrestling.

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