Do you have any spare change?

Sometimes (a lot of times) financial change is necessary. You eventually figure out that what you are doing is a bad idea, and you need to change your ways. As we have discussed many times before, financial changes and diet changes are two of the hardest things to do.

Let’s cut to the chase here. There are two things that eventually get someone to change. They either A) get a great vision of their future after the change or B) they can’t handle the pain that their current lifestyle inflicts. In other words, they choose to change because they have created a great vision, or they are forced to change because if they don’t they will cause unrepairable damage to their life.

Do you start eating healthy when you have a heart attack? Do you start paying attention to your finances when your house is foreclosed on?

My suggestion is that you start to visualize what you want in this world. Do you want good health? Do you want financial stability? Ride that vision until it is crystal clear, and then you are on the way to making a change. Don’t let your unwillingness to change make the choice for you.


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