CEO Series: Don Brown of Interactive Intelligence

Once per month, I’m joined on my radio show by the CEO of a billion dollar organization. This month I was pleased to be joined by CEO of Interactive Intelligence, Don Brown. Don was kind enough to spend the entire hour with us discussing his career, and what he’s learned in running a billion dollar company.

Don is a fascinating guy. He has a medical degree, a masters degree, and is currently enrolled at Johns Hopkins to earn yet another masters degree. Don is a serial entrepreneur who once sold a company for $200 million.

Don Brown Part 1

Don helps us understand the work of Interactive Intelligence.

Don Brown Part 2

Don talks about selling his first company and making $800k as a 27 year old.

Don Brown Part 3

Don talks about selling a company for $200 million.

Don Brown Part 4

Don talks about risk, and how when you are in your twenties, there is no risk. He also tells us about getting a masters degree in his late 50’s.

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