Driving 100 miles for cheaper gas

I saw a story on 60 minutes on Sunday about the production of the penny. It costs the US mint almost two cents to produce the one cent penny. It also costs them about 10 cents to produce a nickel. This is like when you try to trick a little kid into giving you one nickel for two shiny pennies. Okay, maybe I just try to trick little kids out of their money.
How can we continue to rely on such poor economic decisions? The government has now made it illegal to melt down coins because the raw metal is worth more than the money itself. If it wasn’t illegal, you could melt your change and simply double your money by selling the raw metals. Double your money! Wow! But, it is illegal.
Isn’t this a lot like your buddy who will drive 100 miles to get a good deal on gasoline?
What a beautiful coin. No wonder it costs so much to make.

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