Emailer insists that a child could do my job

I love your email. It helps me get better at my job. And it helps you get the answers you need to better your financial life. Yesterday, I received the following email. Today I explore whether or not Clint’s assertion is correct. Watch the video above, and you decide.


Dear Pete

Your financial advice is overly-simplified. A child could do what you do. You’re not really that good.

Clint in Iowa

Oh, here’s some of Ollie’s other financial video work. This is the time she hijacked my live television segment.

10 thoughts on “Emailer insists that a child could do my job

  1. Pete,

    Emailer Clint is a genius. Ollie cleared everything up for me and now I no longer have to be confused about buying a house, making smart financial decisions for newborn twins, saving for college, or budgeting my money in general! I’m free from worry at last… All thanks to the guidance of your 4/5 year old.

    Thanks Pete and Ollie


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