Ep. 110: Self-Sabotage

Topic: Self-Sabotage 

What we cover:

  1. Spencer Jakab author of Heads I win, Tails I Win
  2. The act of not saving before spending is self-sabotage
    1. Knowing that you have to fund your retirement and not doing it, is self-sabotage
    2. Voluntarily Buying something on credit with no means to pay it off, is self-sabotage
    3. Ignoring college costs either as a parent or a student is self-sabotage.
    4. Tax season can bring out all forms of self-sabotage
      1. When you consistently withhold the wrong amount then blow your refund.
    5. When you have a three or five paycheck month and you blow it
  3. Sabotaging a financial relationship
  4. BWOM

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