Ep. 118: Patience

Topic: Patience

  1. Housing Patience
    1. Until you have a downpayment
    2. Until you prove you can save money
    3. Until you have an emergency fund
    4. Until you can afford the 15 yr mortgage
    5. Until you can afford a house which you’ll be able to sell later
    6. Until you can buy a house which doesn’t prevent you from spending any money.
  2. Market Patience
    1. “Should I change my investments, the market isn’t having a very good year”
    2. Your contributions are the key.
    3. Manipulation
    4. Risk Tolerance
    5. A snapshot of your portfolio is rarely helpful
    6. Fear sets-in, you make mistakes
  3. Wrong forms of Patience
    1. Waiting to invest
    2. Waiting to budget
    3. Waiting to save
    4. Waiting to decide
    5. Waiting to care

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One thought on “Ep. 118: Patience

  1. Love this podcast! Makes me wish we would have started listening to you in our 20’s. My husband and I are 58& 59. Although we have ramped things up for our retirement since 50. We missed a big opportunity when we were younger. Our million dollar date is a little over 1 year away, but I am sharing my new found knowledge with my kids. They won’t have the advantage of my pension or possibly even social security. Hopefully, we plan to pass on some inheritance, but who knows?
    Thank you

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