Ep. 170: Jordan, a school teacher, reverses roles as I grade him on his financial life.

Meet Jordan.

Jordan’s main concerns, in his own words:

I am a school teacher with two children under 4 and a third on the way. I have a net worth of $110,000 but only an income of $50,000 because my wife is a stay at home mom. I am struggling with what to do with my focus. I have a $6000 car loan, $3000 in a HSA account, $12,000 savings account, and about 30,000 saved for retirement. I have questions about what I should do with my debt, retirement contributions and hopes of living in a nicer home 4-6 years from now. I want you to give me a grade for my short-term, mid-term and long-term financial life. I want to know whether I should pay off my car loan quickly or just slowly pay it off. I am concerned about my mid-term more than anything. In the next 5-8 years I will need to go back to school to become a principal and buy a new house. My wife will go back and teach as soon as the kids are old enough (6 years).

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