Ep. 173: Family & Money

In this episode, we’re talking about: Family & Money.

Now as a husband, father, son, and friend–while I’m no relationship expert, I do have experience in a handful of different ones.  Today I’m going to cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of what I’ve seen when it comes to money and relationships–especially when it’s with family.

As we dip into all, I’m going to first look at younger families (or yung fams, as the kids these days would say).This stage focuses and looks primarily at tween, teens and individuals in their early 20’s.

I want to then talk about… your parents *gasp* I know what you’re thinking–where is he going with this and how did my parents get dragged into talking about money so abruptly? Because you and I need to look at their financial lives and how their financial decisions could have had an impact on you from a negative stand point. If you’re a parent, did I catch you off guard and now suddenly you’re running the financial decisions you make and how they could effect your child’s financial life? Can’t relate. Kidding!….well, kind of.

Anyways, I’m wrapping up this episode with my famous fireman story. It’s a true story–and doesn’t that just feel like the natural way to to bring up the rear to an episode on family and money?


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