Ep. 175: A Potpourri Episode

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Some might say, a bit of a “potpourri” episode, if you will. There are a couple different things I want to cover, but I also want to think out loud with you on a few topics and hear what you have to say.

Over the past couple of weeks and episodes I’ve had a few interesting follow-up emails come across my desk. I want to  dive a little bit deeper into their questions, but broaden some of their situations for how they may relate to you and help with some of your financial obligations.

I’m also introducing a new segment: Concept of the Week. For my debut segment, I’m talking about compounding interest. I’m told and suppose to be under the impression that people understand compounding interest. However, from conversations I have about retirement and long term savings funds…some of you don’t. And it’s ok! That, is why I brought graphics for this segment. I’ve provided said graphics below, or…you can always watch them on petetheplanner.tv .


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