Ep. 176: Jeff, rocket ship salesman by day…real-estate broker by night.

Meet Jeff.

Jeff’s main concerns, in his own words: I’m 34, married with a 1-year old, based in Los Angeles (pretty high cost of living), and work for a tech startup. My wife works in law enforcement, but we have different schools of thought about what we should do with our paycheck.

She’s looking at fixer-upper houses (we have 2 so far), and I want to do more 401k and be more diversified. I also have a retired parent with no money who’s surviving on Social Security, and we have to help him out from time to time. Is our allocation too heavy into real estate – can we buy another house, or should we invest more in the market? Also, My wife constantly feels like we won’t have enough money if she works part time or stops working, but the math says we’d be OK – how can we feel better about this?

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