Ep. 178: Selling Your Home

This week, we’re talking about: Selling Your Home. 

A daunting feat, that if done correctly–can be a sizable pay off. When selling your home (or getting ready to sell your home) you’re preparing to leave the house. Your main focus is moving all of your belongings from your current location to the next, as seamless as possible. However, I know a handful of people who over the past couple of months have gone to sell their home and all was fine and dandy, *until* the home inspection.

After the inspection, everything always seems to fall apart. You receive a robustly detailed report on every. single. detail. of your home *and* what has to be tended to before moving forward with the sale of it. Now, instead of purging through the plastic tubs in your basement  you promised yourself you’d go through when you moved into your current home (we all know the toddler-sized plastic tubs I’m talking about) you’re now diving into an unanticipated to-do list that has to be completed before moving any further (both literally and figuratively…see what i did there?).

It’s frustrating. It can be all consuming. And, it puts a huge hold on many different people’s timelines. To cut through all the static and headache, I have real-estate expert David Klain to shed light on the topic and give some preparation tips for selling your home and the inevitable housing inspection.

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