Ep. 179: Tina, a single mother ready to get back on track & contributing to her future.

Meet Tina.

Tina’s main concerns, in her own words: I am a single mother of a 4 year old. I owned a home but after a legal case I sold my home via short sale in 2015 after owing since 2000 and was left with $45k in legal bills. The legal fees are paid but I am severely in the hole and trying to get a plan for a way out. I earn $101k per year, get $900/mo in child support, and my sister pays me rent of $560/mo. I have a $500 car note with 2 years left, 41k in student loan debt with a $415 mo payment, $2200/mo in rent. I also pay $800/mo child care and will start in September to pay $260/mo for preschool. I have a 401k but stopped contributing after the housing market crash/recession of 2008, because I lost so much money and didn’t know how to allocate my contributions (still don’t). I want/need to buy a home due to my lease ending in March 2018 and the current landlord planning to sell the home so my son has some stability. I plan to send my son to private school. I want to get a 529 setup for him but need to start contributing to my 401k which only has a balance of 20k. My family is a family of spenders except my stepdad. I want to do better. I must. I want to prioritize so I can pay debt, save for me, my son’s future and buy a home and maintain and keep a regular budget.


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