Ep. 181: Brielle has a lot of moving pieces & is ready to put them into place.

Meet Brielle.

Brielle’s main concerns, in her own words: My biggest hurdle is balancing it all. We have a two and four year old that we will send to day care and preschool and starting in Sept. My children both have 529 plans, and any birthday money they get I send straight there. I know I can’t really fund it right now, so I’m trying to be diligent by taking any monies they receive and sending it straight there. Additionally, My car lease is up in October. My monthly payment is currently $385 a month. I do not want to go higher than that, so I am now trying to figure out what my next move is. I didn’t care for the lease experience and would prefer not to do that again. Right now I am either thinking of financing a lower costing car than what I had, looking into a pre-owned certified used car, or– if I have to, just paying off my lease as a last resort.

My other question is about my 403B. When I opened it up at age 22, I didn’t know much about what I was doing. The account I have is a variable annuity. I have never heard positive things about those type of investment vehicles. Do you think it would be worth my money to entrust a company like Bloom, to look over my account for small fee a month?

And lastly, with everything you gathered about me, do you think it would be feasible to buy a nice home on the beach someday or is that a shot in the dark? Meaning sell the house I have and live somewhere else for retirement. I just got home from vacation so I have major house envy like you wouldn’t believe! But my non-beach regular home is nice I just think living near the beach someday might be amazing.

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