Ep. 183: Red, a state worker & wanna be salesman.

Meet Red.

Red’s main concerns, in his own words: My wife and I are in our mid 30’s. We have one child who is 8 y.o, of which we recently found out has Type 1 Diabetes. I work for the State of NC and my wife works local in our town as a payroll accounting tech. We gross about $75k/yr and we both have pension options at 6% of our checks deducted each month. My wife and I also contribute about 14% of net income to a combination Roth IRA and my wife’s 401K. She receives a 3% match for the 3% she puts in. I will have a 70/30 health care option when I can retire at the age of 53 that will last until medicare at age 65. I can also put my wife on this plan if and when she decides to retire. My plan is to jet out of state government work at 53, draw my pension and work in a local gun shop until age 60 when I’ll choose whether or not I love what I do enough to keep working. My current projections show that by 60 we should have about $800k in retirement not including pensions.

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