Ep. 185: Sharing finances with your special someone

This week: we’re talking about banking. *Specifically* with that special someone of yours. Your “lovey-dovey”, if  you will. This is an episode that has been a long time coming. And after seeing a friend of mine this past week while traveling, he reminded me that I had promised to do this episode.

So alas, here we are. This is for you, Kieth.

From individuals I’m traveling with, the people I speak in front of, to my co-workers–this topic always manages to come up. What I’ve gathered from all these conversations is: there is no “wrong” way to share finances and bank with your significant other–unless it’s not working.

You see it’s much like parenting. The way I parent might not work for you…but then again I’m not saying the way I parent always works for me..and now I’m deep in a tanged and need to get back to the point..anyways! How you bank might be completely different than how your parents or your neighbors bank. And, to add to this chex mix of financial behaviors, the way you and your significant other bank and share financials might change over time. Much like the way the stages and dynamics of your relationship changes over time.

Over the course of this episode I will cover how Mrs. Planner and I bank together (and the ways it’s changed over time) plus how a couple of my co-workers choose to bank and share financials with their significant others. We all do it differently, but for each of us, it works.


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