Ep. 186: Autumn, a mom working to keep her family financially on track.

Meet Autumn.

Autumn’s main concerns, in her own words: We have roughly $1500-1700/mo in extra income and we would like to know how we should allocate this money. We have ideas of contributing more to my HSA, start ROTH’s, contribute to our children’s 529 accts regularly, but also know we need to increase our emergency fund. Should be build up our savings and THEN attack some of the other things mentioned, and if so, in what order? Also would like to know the best way to save for college for 4 kids (age 9, 8, 7, 3) and if it’s realistic to put them through school without loans?

I stayed at home for 9 years and have worked part time for the past year (non-benefitted) and just switched to full time with benefits last month. My husband just got a pay raise effective this month and just started going to college in May, which has us earning extra income from the VA. So, lots of brand new income for us and we want to make the best decisions with it! Also something to know is that my husband has a VA disability rating and will start collecting that in 3 years, which will be an additional $1300/mo approximately. Our goal is to move to a bigger home around that time frame as well. So some of that may going towards increasing mortgage but we would also love suggestions on the best use of that money when we start collecting it.

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