Ep. 187 Freezing your credit: the what & how to’s.

In a special early week edition we’re focusing on how our data is handled, specifically with the credit data bureaus. In early September of 2017, one of the big three credit bureaus (Equifax) had a data breach causing potential reproductions for countless people across the nation. If you haven’t already, click here to link to the webpage to check and see if your data was compromised. Mine, unfortunately was. However why am I more worked up about other people’s data being breached? Because my credit is frozen.

Freezing credit is a very financially healthy and normal process that won’t affect your daily life in a negative way. When you freeze your credit it simply prevents others from accessing your credit for the purpose of opening new credit lines. If you were to freeze your credit today, go shopping, and then try to open a store credit card, then it would be declined immediately. However, when you freeze your credit it’s not forever. With a user name and pin you can go in and temporarily lift your credit freeze, have the needed credit checks run, and refreeze your credit once all is said and done.

Through the course of this episode we’re going to go over how a data breach happens, what steps there are to prevent your information being compromised and we’re going to get to know the three big credit bureaus.

My producer Nicole and I walked step-by-step through how to freeze her credit and I want to do the same with you. Click here for a complete start to finish guide on how to freeze your credit.

Take 15 minutes to freeze your credit right now.



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