Ep. 189: Cassie is ready to walk the walk to a secure financial life.

Meet Cassie.

Cassie’s main concerns, in her own words: I find managing money difficult, but over the past several years I’ve educated myself on financial responsibility and budgeting. I am quite proud of what I have accomplished–curbed my unnecessary spending tremendously; started an emergency fund; actively paying off debt; and saving for retirement. However, I am still plagued with worry and financial insecurity. I never seem to have enough, and I don’t like living in a spirit of lack. I know I am an under-earner (working for a non-profit), and my husband is self-employed which means some months he doesn’t take home much of a salary. We have been economically vulnerable for nearly 25 years. I want to be more secure financially, grateful for what I have and at peace with what I don’t.

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