Ep. 190: Rosé, radio, and health care with Paul Ashley

This week, I welcome back my friend Paul Ashley from First Person Advisors. Paul has been featured on my show two times prior to this week’s episode, and you can find both by clicking here and here. *clicky, clicky*

There have been numerous developments in the world of healthcare this week. Right now, there are a lot of unknowns and a lot of what-if’s. Bernie Sanders proposed his bill, “Medicare For All,” in attempt to push for single-payer healthcare.

The proposed single-payer health care plan (that would be phased over time) suggests generous coverage, going beyond what Medicare currently covers. As of right now payment is unclear and it’s hard to say whether “Medicare For All,” would increase or decrease health care coverage costs. Sen. Sanders’s legislation would attempt to decrease the number of those uninsured and tackle out-of-pocket spending.

With many moving parts, I don’t know anyone better than Paul to help me cut through the static. Over the course of this episode Paul and I are going to cover the overall proposed legislation of “Medicare For All,” what changes to expect from single-payer healthcare and the effects these changes could have on your over healthcare coverage/expenses.


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