Ep. 192: Olivia is trying to pay off her past and fund her future.

Meet, Olivia.

Olivia’s main concerns, in her own words: “I wasn’t a credit wizard in my early 20’s and early 30’s. It took a lot of hard knocks to show me the light. Now I have seen said light, and I need help to get my financial life on track. Through the follies and a few instances out of my control, I have a defaulted student loan that I make regular payments on (this is a somewhat long story), a 100% payment record on my credit report, and a lofty goal to save or borrow $30,000 in order to pay for IVF treatment in the next 5 months. No big deal right? I work for for a not-for-profit, drive for uber, and am doing everything humanely possible to pay down my debt quickly to raise my credit score in a somewhat reasonable amount of time. The student loan is the thing that kills me. I borrowed 24K which has now turned into 40K due to interest and penalties. I defaulted once due to my own stupidity. I rehabilitated the loan with the creditor assigned to my loan. I then set up automated payments for all future payments. One day I received a call that my loan had defaulted again, because I did not call in after 18 months to reaffirm the withdrawals from my account. As I have already rehabilitated I am lost at what I can do. This is the true anchor of what is keeping my credit score down, and possibly keeping me from funding my IVF treatment.”

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