Ep. 193: Answering your wake-up call

This week, we’re talking about wake-up calls.

Whether it’s your health, your relationships or your finances–you are well aware if a certain component of your life is not where it needs to be.  You don’t have to receive an ominous voicemail, while traveling on business, from your doctor after a recent wellness check-up to shed light on your wellness opportunities. Just as you don’t need a break-up or an over-draft fee notification to know some areas of your life needs a little attention. “Wake-up calls” can come in a variety of forms. But, if you got one…would you answer it?

If you keep ignoring the warning signs, stop. Answer your wake-up call. In order to see change, you have to decide to do so–now. If you keep silencing the signs, before too long, it’ll be too late. Don’t let your current opportunities get to the point of irreversible change.

Our goal is to make tomorrow easier. If a wake-up call is what it takes, answer it. Make a change today, the hardest part is starting. But once you’ve started, put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Your future self will thank you for taking that first step.


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