Ep. 194: Wayne is ready to retire and recharge

Meet, Wayne.

Wayne’s main concerns, in his own words: “My government job is stressful, I feel burned-out, and I need a change. When I turn 57 in 4 months, I’m eligible to retire from a with a monthly pension of $5,850 and I have tax deferred savings in a 457 plan of $450,000. My gross annual salary is currently $105,000. Can I afford to comfortably retire and maintain my lifestyle, plus handle some additional expenses to fund travel and hobbies? Or should I continue to work for a few more years doing something less stressful (maybe part-time and lower paying) to add to a Roth IRA and delay taking 457 plan withdrawals? I have 5 years left to pay on my mortgage with a 2.35% interest rate of $1,000 a month. Other than $6,000 in consumer debt that I’m working to pay off, that’s my only debt.”

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