Ep. 196: Mike, semi-retired and fully funded

Meet Mike.

Mike’s main concerns, in his own words: “My wife and I are early retired, slightly, for a couple of years now. She was a stay at home mom and has been retired for decades. I now make six figures on four side gigs, working two days a week and have another seven side gigs that are purely volunteer and charity and don’t pay except with good feelings. We have always given over 10% of our gross pay to nonprofits. We are typical millionaires next door, with a net worth north of three million but living in the only house we’ve ever had and driving six and eleven year old cars. Very happy in retirement and both very active physically endurance running, competitive tennis players, extreme hiking and fishing. Happy enough I turned down an additional six figure per year job offer yesterday. We have found we just don’t need the money and we’re having too much fun. My financial focus is finding the best way to insure an adequately diversified portfolio for someone like me. ”

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