Ep. 197 Budgeting Basics

This week, we’re talking budgeting.

Through the different online sites, apps and e-resources, setting a monthly budget can get lost in all the noise. We live in a world of convenience, but when it comes to budgeting–convenience is one of the biggest hurdles. When convenience becomes your main focus in your budget, you automatically avoid what helps make your budget successful month in and month out: accountability. Having the security of a monitoring device following every transaction can reassure and confirm account transactions. But when you are able to check your account balance and base spending off of a leger balance, it removes your awareness of maintaining your spending habits.

Whether it’s your first time setting a budget, or you’re revisiting a budget that no longer (or might never) have worked with your financial obligations and goals, with the right tools, setting categories within your budget to coordinate your obligations and support your goals is easier achieved than thought at first glance.

Through the course of this episode, I’m gonna going to give you the tools you need to set up and maintain a monthly household budget.

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