Ep. 199: Eliminating expenses prior to retirement

This week on the Million Dollar Plan, we’re combating retirement (or as I should say, income independence) from a COMPLETELY different angle. Usually on this show we look at and discuss ways to get/save a bunch of money. But today we’re gonna talk about not needing a bunch of money..or really, any money at all.

When you look at your budget and reoccurring monthly expenses, what is the biggest expense you see? For most, it’s our housing. Now imagine with me (close your eyes if you need to) how much easier life would be if that housing expense went away. Take that one step further and imagine how much easier saving for retirement would be if that expense was paid off.

Whether you’re 22 or you’re 62, this episode is for you. Throughout the course of this week’s show we’re going to talk about why not having a housing expense has to be apart of your retirement strategy. I’m going to give you the in’s and out’s of how to do it, and some tips and tools on having your house payment a distance memory prior to when you retire.

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