Ep. 202: Chris

This week, we met Chris.

Chris’s main concerns, in his own words: “My in-laws have struggled through financial issues for most of their lives. Now that problem is hitting home for my family. They are moving in with our family in a few weeks and they are not comfortable talking about finances with anyone. My mother-in-law wants to retire ASAP so they are doing anything and everything to make this a reality. They are selling their home in Illinois, looking to move to Indiana (best financial decision they have made in years) but they seem to make two bad decisions for every good decision. Their home in Illinois has sold but they are placing their home search in Indiana on hold as my brother-in-law is transitioning jobs. They recently completed a bankruptcy process in 2015 and my father-in-law retired in 2016. They are both compulsive spenders who can’t save a dollar for more than a day. My father-in-law has a plush Illinois retirement but my mother-in-law has no retirement plan. How can we open the line of communication.”

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